Briefing to the Diplomatic Corps by Dep FM Melchior and Abe Foxman- Director- Anti-Defamation League-25-Jul-2001

  Briefing to the Diplomatic Corps by Deputy Foreign Minister Rabbi Michael Melchior and Abe Foxman, Director, Anti-Defamation League Jerusalem, July 25, 2001 RABBI MELCHIOR: Good morning your excellencies, welcome Mr. Abe Foxman, Director of the ADL, a good friend and someone who has really been a champion in the fight against anti-Semitism, against racism, against any kind of injustice for as many years as I remember, at least in public life. We are honored to have you with us today and to … [Read more...]

 Yad Vashem Launches YouTube Channels

Channels in English and Arabic go live today in advance of Holocaust Remembrance Day(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)Yad Vashem, the Holocaust remembrance and education center in Jerusalem, has launched two YouTube channels in advance of Holocaust Remembrance Day on May 1. The channels, in English and Arabic, went live today (Tuesday, April 29, 2008). The English channel contains testimonies from Holocaust survivors, including archival footage, historians’ lectures on key … [Read more...]

 Interview with Israel PM Barak on ABC News-26-Mar-2000

  Interview with Israel Prime Minister Barak Excerpts from "ABC News This Week with Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts", Sunday, March 26, 2000 … MR. DONALDSON: The Pope’s visit to this country is historic. What has it meant to the Israelis and to you, personally? MR. BARAK: It’s a major step towards a reconciliation between Christianity and the Jewish people. His visit to Yad Vashem, the memorial for Holocaust, especially, became a moving, defining moment for the … [Read more...]

 Main Israel Jubilee Events- Western Europe

 ISRAEL’S 50TH ANNIVERSARY AROUND THE WORLD   NORTH  AMERICA  |  LATIN  AMERICA  |  WESTERN  EUROPE  |  EASTERN  EUROPE  |  ASIA  &  OCEANIA  |  AFRICA     Main Israel Jubilee Events: Western Europe Note: The information below was provided by the respective Israeli embassies and consulates abroad (highlighted in bold). For further information or clarification, please contact them directly. Addresses, e-mail addresses and contact numbers can be accessed from our website. (updated as of … [Read more...]

 Interview with Israel PM Barak on CBS Evening News-22-Mar-2000

  Interview with Israel Prime Minister Barak CBS Evening News, March 22, 2000 BROADCAST EXCERPT DAN RATHER: The State Department confirmed today that U.S. diplomats have been talking secretly, behind the scenes, with Israel and Syria ever since their formal talks broke down in January. A U.S. spokesman said both sides still face what he called "tough decisions", but signs about that there are two deals in the making. Earlier today I talked with Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud … [Read more...]

 130-000 Christians in Israel-20-Mar-2000

  Jerusalem, 20 March 2000 130,000 Christians in Israel (Communicated by Central Bureau of Statistics Spokesman) The Central Bureau of Statistics reports that on the eve of the Jubilee Pilgrimage by His Holiness Pope John Paul II, the Christian population in Israel numbers over 130,000 of all denominations – 2.1% of the population. Historically, on the eve of World War I, the Christian population was about 70,000 – 10% of the population. Over the 20th century, while absolute numbers … [Read more...]

 Focus on Israel: The Christian Communities of Israel

  by Yishai Eldar Yishai Eldar is the former editor of Christian Life in Israel         The history of the Christian communities in the Land of Israel begins with the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. After his death, the early Apostolic Church, at least that in and around Jerusalem, remained largely Judeo-Christian until the rebuilding of Jerusalem (c. 130 CE) by the Emperor Hadrian as the Roman city of Aelia Capitolina. Since this date, the local church has been gentile in … [Read more...]


  Pope John Paul II at the Western Wall in Jerusalem (Photo: GPO/ Amos Ben Gershom)  INTERNAT’L COOP | N.AMERICA | LAT.AMERICA | EUROPE | AFRICA | ASIA/PACIFIC | MIDEAST/N.AFRICA | HOLY SEE | UN | WORLD JEWRYSource … [Read more...]

 Foreign Ministry Director General Meets the Apostolic Nuncio

 Foreign Ministry Director General Meets the Apostolic Nuncio (Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman) February 16, 2000 In a meeting today (Feb 16) in the Foreign Ministry between Director General Eytan Bentsur and Archbishop Pietro Sambi following the agreement signed yesterday between the Vatican and the PLO, Bentsur stated that the political preamble to the agreement, and the specific article that deals with Jerusalem, are not acceptable to Israel. Israel rejects the criticism implied in … [Read more...]

 Hanukkah Candle-Lighting Around the Globe

        Celebrations Around the Globe Honoring Israel’s 50th Anniversary December 23, 1997     World Leaders Light First Hanukkah Candle Honoring Israel’s 50th Anniversary In one of the special projects undertaken by the Foreign Ministry to mark Israel’s 50th anniversary, some 33 leaders around the world marked the opening of festivities on Tuesday, December 23, 1997 with the lighting of the first Hanukkah candle, which coincided with the jubilee. Among the prominent figures … [Read more...]